end of summer: swimsuit scores.

It's been a long time since I have worn a one-piece, in fact, until right before I moved to California I hadn't bought a new swimsuit of any kind in over 10yrs.  I was wearing my honeymoon swimsuit well past it's honeymoon.

I love this swimsuit.  And I told Angie, by the end of summer, before I leave California, we can do a beach swimsuit shoot.  So go easy on me.  But really with this fun suit, and great accessories, you can't go wrong at the beach.

Although you have to be careful with coverage, especially on the backside, I mean what is the deal these days?  There are so many cute suits now.  Yes, the price tags can be hard to swallow, ugh am I right?  It's worth waiting till the end of the summer to keep your eye out for great suits from designers you love for awesome prices.  This swimsuit is on sale for over 60% off.

So even though it seems like summer may be ending, treat yourself to a new suit to get you through the dreary days of winter.

The sun with shine again...or in the case of California, your price per wear, which is every month of the year, will be well worth it.

swimsuit - Maaji, Nordstrom {a few herehere, here, and another color here}  note: runs small
hat - Madewell, borrowed
earrings - Gorjana
sunglasses - Michael Kors, Nordstrom {similar}

one-piece sale pics...

two-piece sale pics...this first one I mean are you kidding me...

Happy Monday.  Thank you for reading.  Photos by Angie.


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