3 Cheers for an Expandable Waistline

how to wear a tulle skirt

tulle skirt and sweater

Let's talk about what never to do on Turkey day...Never ever wear a belt on Thanksgiving, or skinny jeans while we're at it.  Why make yourself aware of the amount amazing wonderful memory filled nostalgic calories you are consuming.

Enter the Tulle Skirt.

Consider this your alternative to buffet pants or sweatpants.  You can look like you care and are committed to the presentation of this Holiday without sacrificing what it's really about - eating and comfort.

Not sure tulle is your thing?  I get it.  It's a lot of fabric.  Sheer wonderful the stuff fairytales are made of fabric.  Clearly I have only boys.  But Seriously, tulle is having some major sticking power.

Think of a tulle skirt just as a full skirt, forget the tulle part.  Expect that you may find yourself unexpectedly twirling.  And be prepared, you will most definitely receive compliments on your style.

Faryl Robin Clog Booties

clog booties and full skirt

how to layer bracelets and rings

Turtleneck - Press Clothing, Queen Anne Dispatch.  Similar here
skirt - Queen Anne Dispatch.  old, similar here.
bracelets (guitar strings) - Queen Anne Dispatch (call, they will ship!)
 bracelet (beaded) - 31 Bits
ring - Gorjana c/o.  find here
shoes - Faryl Robin c/o.  on sale at Anthropologie.
necklace - Lucia K. Jewelry

And if I can't convince you that this is perfect for your Thanksgiving Feast, at the very least consider it for upcoming holiday soirees.  Please look here for further inspiration.  I want all of them.

And consider a full skirt for Thursday.  Get a little girly already.

What is your favorite food on the Thanksgiving table?  Please share.

Photos by Angie.  Tomorrow - how to prep for the online sale madness, so please check back.  Hold me to it!


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