Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Prep

All truth, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

nordstrom anniversary sale

We have just settled into the savory slow moments of summer, taking full advantage of sun-kissed shoulders and open-toe shoes - only to be shocked back into dreaming of luxurious sweaters and fabulous boots and those jeans.  Oh you know the ones.  And those crazy savings.

So in the wake of Nordstrom's once a year not to be missed event, in order to shop wisely, I am using this next week to take inventory of what holes I'd like to fill in my closet, or swap out.  Go through the old, in prep for the new.

And I'm talking Women, Men and Children's.  This is the time when I prepare to buy my boys their school shoes and jeans, and maybe a few fun tees, with my best guest on fall sizing, the best part about Nordstrom is if we get to the fall and I haven't got the size right, any new items that had been sitting patiently for their cooler weather debut, can be returned.

back to school

Noteworthy items:
1.  Are you a Nordstrom cardholder?  The best part about this is early access to the sale, beginning July 14, otherwise you wait.  patiently.

2.  I love the Nordstrom Sale for women's shoes, designer jeans, lush sweaters, great basics.   I usually pick up a couple items for the husband.  And like I mentioned earlier - back to school shopping for my boys.

3.  If you have been thinking of investment pieces, keep your eye out.

4.  It's totally worth staying up till midnight and making a late night online shopping event (shipping is free), but if that's not your thing, shopping the morning of is highly-recommended, often the good things sell out (however although never fully confirmed, it seems like those hot items are restocked once the sale opens to the public.)

curly hair

Here's a sneak peek at this years Sale:  Womens.  Men.

Start prepping and Stay tuned starting July 14th (that's next week!)  for all my picks and outfits from the Nordstrom Sale.



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  1. Great post + thanks for the reminder! Love this SALE!!!