My new scarf

If you told me a year ago that when we decided to move back home to our beloved Seattle and leave our beloved Laguna Beach, I know we're complicated, that we'd be on a journey that includes a custom frame and gift shop 1 block from our house...mmm I don't think I'd believe you.

But yes indeed.  We bought a shop.  We are shop-owners.  Soooo I get to shop as a livelihood, even more than I already do.

And I fluctuate between glee and freaking out.  This scarf is glee, it's in my shop.  I love it.  Come find it and come visit.

See my scarves.  See our journey.

And this vegan leather (doesn't that sound nicer than pleather?) jacket is tops, I love the oversized collar and long sleeves with zipper cuffs, and it's on sale.  I also wore it here.  Along with my sneakers.  So much good news in this outfit.

On a side note:  I've been wearing a hat almost every day because I am so overdue for some hair love, it's been almost 6 months, and I have so much gray.  It's unbelievable.  I'm not quite ready.  

jacket - Levi's, Nordstrom.  on sale
jeans - 7 for All Mankind, old.
sneakers - Vince, Nordstrom.  on sale
socks - Smartwool, Queen Anne Dispatch.  also here
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry

Cheers to your next, or current, adventure.


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