Oh Those Lazy Mornings.

curly hair

Part of the reason for the lack of blog posts this month is the back to school early morning alarm which means I have to be in bed early.  I require a lot of sleep to function.  And, I am not a morning person.  I've never been one, and most of my life I have figured out a way to make that life work.  but I am determined to get a new routine started.  The problem is that my best blog work happens in the late of the night.  Hmmmm.

As I am lamenting the end of our slow lazy mornings, this moment seemed appropriate to share, although over a year old, well actually more but I'm not counting.  Oh how I cherish those mornings - a mess with creative endeavors when I got to slowly sip my iced coffee as we meandered our way towards lunchtime.  

What I love about these photos is the way Angie captured this simple moment, the magic in the small details.  At least it's magical to me.  Perhaps it's part nostalgia but isn't that always the case? 

So pardon the over 20 photos coming your way but I just couldn't cut anymore...

pajama pants

kitchen decor

kids craft activity

The way we relish slow mornings might also explain our over fondness for pj's in our household.  We tend to mark all occasions with new jammies.  Here's my current faves from my go-to place...

for the boys

for me, I want all of these.  please.

photos by Angie.



  1. Cute pants! Love the photos in this post as well!

    1. Thanks! I always love a pair of cute pj pants that can pass as daywear ;) xo