5 items I purchased in 2016 that I'm stoked to wear in 2017 and a few are even on sale.

This coat has seen a ton of wear over the last couple of months, it's not only stylish but super cozy, also see it here.

I actually bought these in 2015 and they are still killin it.  You can read more here on my investment decision.

I am obsessed with white shoes right now, these kicked off my craze.

The most flattering flares, my butt and my wallet are very happy.

Stay tuned for more, these are the newest addition to my sneakers, and they have been on my feet constantly.

Bring on the sun and the warmth.  

It is true that most of my fashion purchases happen to be shoes.  But all of these items above have had major staying power in my closet.  I love it when that happens.


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