Warmer Temps, Deep Conditioning and Sun Protection for my Curls.

If you want your curls to perform for you, you have to take care of them.  This is not the first time I have preached how important it is to deep condition your locks, but I feel like it's always worth the reminder.  (see my previous posts under The Curl Files page)

curly hair

I even tend to forget.  But when my curls start to get brittle and dry and sort of straw like, they remind me it's time.

Part of prepping for our upcoming California week of sunshine was deep conditioning. And packing for sun protection for my curls.  If I want my hair to be bouncy and happy, this is essential.  Last trip to California I noticed in pictures how dry and brittle my hair looked.  So this time I was on top of it.

1. Deep Condition

I use all of the below and I choose based on what I have on hand.

Amika Ophibilica Nourishing Mask - smells wonderful, leaves my hair super soft.  I tend to use this one most often as my regular condition as well.  Also available here.

Ouidad Melt Down Extreme Hair Mask - also has the best smell.  I nice thick conditioner, this is a favorite for me for deep conditioning.  Also available on Amazon for less.

Ouidad Treatment Curl Restoration - This one is the daddy of them all.  Very soft supple curls after treatment.  Also a bit of investment, but worth it.  And you don't need to use as much as they recommend.

The key is to let is sit on your locks for 20 mins and to add heat.  My new favorite way is with a shower cap and a plug in heat pad on my head.  Bonus:  it forces me to sit still, near a plug in, and breath deep breathes.

It's an all around win.

But this heat pad is specifically for your head, and microwave heated, so no plug required.  Hmmmm.

2.  Sun protection:

Just as we protect our skin from the sun, you should be thinking about your hair too.  Sun causes your hair to lose it's moisture, and for curly girls moisture is already at a loss.  And it causes gray hairs.

There are hair products on the market that have SPF in them, I haven't used them enough to recommend.  What I will do is rub a small amount of coconut oil though my hair, which has a natural SPF of 2-8 and antioxidants to help combat sun damage.  My hair sucks up the oils, it never tends to be oily so this works well for me.

If I am going to be in the sun for a longer period, I put a hat on.  Or at the very least, tie your hair up.

Your locks will thank you.

There are so many awesome hats out there, here's my winning trio from the Rack.  A trucker, a fedora and a floppy.  Done.

Curly hair tips?  I'd love to hear them!

Also you can find my jumpsuit here.