Family Date Night Out.

Dinner at the table is a big part of our family.  It's often a lot of "don't rock back in your chair" and "don't use your shirt for a napkin."  But peppered in are sweet moments of conversation and belly laughs, and quite possibly jumping jacks.  Boys.  So much energy.

But sometimes I just don't want to cook.  Hello anyone else hate meal planning?  I love to cook, but the monotony of every night gets old quick.

Solution:  Family Date Night.  Out.

Because sometimes we need to break out of the weeknight routine and simply celebrate the fact that it's Monday, the 3rd week of school with no vacation days in sight.  I mean we live for Fridays, pizza (ahem homemade, you see the grave I've dug myself), movie and popcorn (if you follow me on insta this gets a lot of instastory credit) in our pjs.  But why should Mondays have such a bad rap?

Mention burgers, fries, and shakes, and all of a sudden, mom and dad are the best and Monday is forgotten momentarily.

I am so excited to have found out about Great State Burger.  For me it is knowing the quality and thought that they put into their food like organic grass-fed beef.  For the kids is burgers, fries, and shakes.  That one's obvious right?  It's fast good food, and I mean it was really good.  And fast - because sitting for long periods of time at this stage is not always successful.  We - with emphasis on Nick - have this ongoing unofficial quest to find the perfect burger and fries in this city, and Great State made the list.  My favorite part besides the house-made pickles and grilled onions - the perfectly toasted bun and the friendly staff.

We are working on ways to celebrate the every day, I'd love to hear how you treat yourself and break out of the everyday routine.

thanks for reading,

Thank you Great State Burger for partnering with my family on this post.


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