A Kimono Is Always A Good Idea

Also lying in a field of clovers.  Because we happened upon this abandoned lot and the clovers looked so soft and inviting.  Never a thought as to what could be lurking or the stains to be made.  The magic was so much better than bug bites and grass stains.

And making waffles at 9pm because sometimes that is when life affords real conversation with my kids even if we have to get up at 7:30am.  

And to let someone merge in front of you, even if it's not their turn.  For real, do it. 

And to detour just to watch the sunset.  Or to smell the sweet peas, seriously right now spring is AMAZING, it just never ever gets old.  Well played Mother Nature, all that rain.  You knew.  

Because you just don't know when it's gonna be your last chance.  And I write this because, it's true, and not to live in fear, but to live with a bit of abandonment and amazement for the moment.  I don't want to miss the little things that are big, or just little.  

Of course tomorrow I still have to make dentist appointments, and floss.  So how do I have the perspective to appreciate ALL the moments, and find balance in the responsibilities in life.  Leaning into these moments and living authentically.  Sure, all I really want to do is garden, and roast s'mores with my kids.  PSA: if kids have marshmallows in their mouth, they are more likely to be sweet instead of sassy.  But finding amazement in laundry?  ...the adventure that those dirty clothes had on my boys.  The happy feeling of having clean underwear and socks in my drawer.  Plumbing and a washer that are both currently working.  fingers-crossed.  My new clothes drying rack, which seriously does make me so happy, no more hanging everything over the dining room chairs.   Whoa mind blown.  These monotonous tasks that only bring me joy when I've checked them off the to-do list, there can be beauty in them.  Right?

All the while leaving space in my life for the magic to happen.  I don't want to miss any of that.  

The world lost a wonderful mom this last week, and countless more that aren't connected to my life, but meant the world to others.  

So for those who don't get to, live it up - even in the laundry moments.  And for sure when you pass by a field of clover.

You can find this kimono at my shop, Queen Anne Frame.  Kimono's are the best summer accessory, easy, literally breezy, they totally up your style game and are just fun to wear.

jeans - Joe's Jeans c/o.  here
sandals - cocobelle c/o.  here
sunglasses - Queen Anne Frame

Thank you for reading tonights ramblings.

TGIF and cheers to a 3-day weekend filled with lots of living.

Photos by Angie.


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