La La Laundry. Playing Dressup

What I love about fashion most is playing dress up.  From a small child I have ALWAYS loved to dress up in clothes and imagine the places I would wear them.

Bonus if I get to actually wear them out.  And man did I rock some AWESOME outfits to school.  Shout out to my mom and dad for letting me be me.  Add in some truly messy hair, priceless.

I can easily get lost in my closet, mixing and reimagining the pieces in it, trying them on just for fun.   I fully believe in the power of power shoes.   I can tell you the dress I wore to most every wedding I have been to, what I wore the first time I met Nick, the clothes I had on when my Mom died.  I think this is part of why I have a hard time letting go of clothes, they all hold memories and stories.

Or at least that's my excuse.

Recently I unearthed a suitcase of old gems, including one of my besties hooded sweatshirts from high school.  I have sort of worn it constantly since.  And I'm kicking myself that I can not find my Mickey Mouse hoodie, UGH.  It's gotta be in my basement somewhere...

So when Jenna proposed to Jenn and I a trip to the laundry mat JUST FOR FUN and GET DRESSED UP and BRING PROPS.  It sounded just like the right kind of Thursday morning.  Especially because no real laundry was done.  mmmm hmmmm.

Sometimes in the busyness of life I lose the time and space for just for fun.  There has to be a purpose and a point.  Check it off the to-do list.  I am fully guilty of this lately.  But this silly little act of playing dress up, is well, not so silly.  And in fact, it feels necessary.  Who I am.  With my children I refer to this as Doodle and Hum time, I heard once that they need 6 hours of it for each new skill that they learn.  And I fiercely guard this space for my boys, so why don't I for myself?

It sure seems like I need a bit of this even as an adult.   And also sleep.  And ice cream.

This blog came about as my outlet to share my dress up moments - oh man if you could dig down into the depths of those first blog posts.  Laugh and Cringe.  Like this gem - oh those sweet babies though. 

So thank you for reading and still checking in.  Here's to more Doodle and Humming.  And I guess laundry.  And posting

photos by Jenna


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