A Quick Moment Among The WildFlowers

Traffic People Maxi Dress.  Honoring that inner voice.  

I woke up today (today that I'm writing this post, not today that I took these photos) feeling a lot of anxiety and heavy-burdened.  Some hard ongoing health issues for a few people dear to me and a to-do list full of the yucky stuff...dentist appts (nothing like a broken tooth to jumpstart that to the top of the list), reports due, bills to pay.  Stuff that just has to get done.  In my comfiest sweatpants. 

Rewind to the day of this shoot, this dress, feeling ethereal.  Hanging out with one of my dearest friends to take photos, doesn't even feel like work at all.  Magical evening light and for sure magic in those wild mustard plants.

Both are realities.  This is what I love about fashion, it can transport me, elevate my mood, make me feel like I have super human powers...Major TO-DO list to tackle - put on my best, most comfiest sneakers.  Feeling like I need an extra person in my corner, I wear the socks my mom gave me for my birthday right before she passed away.  Strutting down the street - for sure in my best fitting pair of jeans.

Having the chance to wander through the wildflowers, only a magical dress will do. 

These little voices are inside me, and one way I honor them is in what I wear.  

About this magical dress, it's from Traffic People.  I have posted about this brand before, they are a favorite, for their bright prints and flattering styles.  It's a bit vintage and a bit modern, born in the heart of London.  Which of course makes them even cooler.  You can see more of my favorites here and here.

jewelry (necklaces, tassel bracelets, and earrings) - Queen Anne Frame & Gift

photos by Angie, isn't she great?


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