at the boardwalk {what I wore}

first item to note:  it was overcast, all day.  thank you June gloom

second: I don't typically wear heels on the boardwalk.

third: this outfit needed heels, the flowy top and my baggy jeans that are over 10yrs old, second pair of designer denim I have ever bought, that started my love affair with 7 for Mankind "A" jeans, and there is a rather large hole in an unmentionable spot that I must patch #NotTheRightKindOfDistressed. 

fourth:  have you seen the Jimmy Falon's hashtag skit.  it is hilarious, youtube it if you haven't.  It's a slippery slope

fifth:  back to this blouse.  Flowy blouses are amazing, this one in particular amazing.  {And its on sale with additional 20% off with code 'buzz20', so doing the math that is around 65% off}.  A good flowy blouse shouldn't be too heavy or too lightweight but just right so it drapes nicely hiding flaws not highlighting them and flatters you without too much bulk.  They are so comfy and for some reason I always feel more like a lady when I wear one.  I have a few on my wish list, also a slippery slope.  I'd really like to order this blouse in white as well, but I want all the others below and truly don't need any of them.  ugh, fashion.

sixth:  I am posting more pictures than normal, it was just that good.  Perfect lighting, recently washed hair, amazing photographer.  Makes up for my outfits that are more of a flop.

blouse - Anthropologie {sale plus extra 20% enter 'buzz20'}
jeans - very old 7 for all Mankind {similar here, and here on sale}
shoes - Charles by Charles David, Nordstrom
earrings - Lucia K. Chloe

flowy blouses currently on my wish list, and honestly I would wear one everyday of the week.  

photos by Angie.  linking up with pleated poppy for what i wore weds.
happy wednesday.


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  1. so pretty and beach perfect hair too? jealous!
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place