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The one product that has been in my hair regimen for over a decade is TIGI Curls Rock.

It's that kind of - if I had to choose one thing I couldn't live without, desert island kind of deal, without being overly dramatic because lets be honest it's only hair and I could just wear a hat.   I do always have a backup in my cabinet.  And it's been over a decade.

So really, it is part of the secrets to my curls.

I love it's holding power without crunchy effect, it's sort of a creamy gel.  I also love the price point.

First let me remind you that you have to start with healthy curls, a good deep conditioner is your foundation.

What I do:
1.  After you wash/condition, do not tousle but gently squeeze out the water.  I just use a regular towel but I have always wanted to try this.

2.  I gently brush, some don't, I do, it's the only time my hair gets brushed.

3.  Separate your hair into sections, and add product to each section in a smoothing motion from root to end.  I usually go in this order...
-nape of neck
-each side
-top back of hair
-left top
-right top
-very front - I definitely always make sure I get product into the little tiny hairs around my face, those babies have a lot of curl and without product, its frizz town, plus my hair line isn't what it used to be and I need those little guys to behave and stay part of the forward hairline.

4.  After each section, you can do multiple styling technics.  I prefer wrapping small sections of hair around my finger and giving them a little squeeze before gently releasing.  Like my finger is a curling iron.  And I try to go in the direction my hair likes to curl,  except in the front what would be my "bangs", because those hairs are CRAZY curly, so I make them curl in an opposite direction to tame them, make sense?  I great way to see how your hair wants to curl is the rake and shake method.

5.  When all done - gently scrunch.  I usually let air dry a while before some diffusing, on low!  again gently.  Bonus, if you can lay down with your curls propped up behind your head.

That is the very basic of my curl routine.  Sound like a lot?  this takes about 8mins and I only wash/style my hair every 4 days or so.  And honestly if I don't style my hair it's sort of a disastrous embrace the messy look affair.

Every Thursday or so I plan to share my tips, tricks, styling techniques and advice towards better curls.  They are all filed under "the curl files" tab up above.

So there it is.  I quick bit on how I style.  Someday I will do a video.  Someday.

What do you think??  I'd love to know your secrets!!  Has anyone ever tried this?


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