Happy Furday! No Fear, For Real, Just Faux.

how to wear denim culottes in winter

faux fur vest

hooded fur vest

Well the first time - Oh my I can't beeeeelieve I am linking to that blog post - I fell for faux fur, I had no idea the longevity it would have.  And now look at me, my entire household has exclaimed I look like an Ewok and I love it.

I'm here to say, just do it.  It's so fun.  And not over the top, and you will find yourself so soft, warm, and fuzzy.  

I'd love to hear an argument on why you can't do faux fur.  Unless you just don't want to.  Can't argue with that.  Like my friend who doesn't like nuts with her chocolate.  What in the world.  

Or my other friend who thinks she can't wear leopard print, yet is one of the hippest gals I know.  Doesn't look good.  Not a clue on that one.

Or that certain someone who won't eat any fruit.  Like any.  I can't even.

Back to the point.  A great way to start is just a vest, a jacket might make you feel too gorilla chic, I get it.  But again my love for vests, this is easy.  It's versatile, you can wear with errrrthing.  Sweaters, t-shirts, even pair it over a jean jacket.  With jeans, dresses, maxi skirts.  Leggings and boots, track pants, even a great pair of sweats.

This outfit makes me so happy.  Something about buffalo check has got me this season.  These culottes are the most comfortable jeans I currently own.  I love the high-waist style, and of course the cut, the undone hem keeps them modern.  I have even worn them with flats.  Yes you can...just you wait till summertime sandals and tanks.  And now they are on sale!

buffalo plaid button up shirt

turquoise earrings

layered gold bracelets

how to wear faux fur
shirt - Zara.  no longer available.  But this one! and its on sale.  
vest - Aritzia
Culottes - 7 for all Mankind, Amazon.  Runs big, I went down a size.
bracelet (my right) - Kendra Scott c/o.  On sale here in silver.  Final sale here in gold.
bracelet (my left) - Lucia K. jewelry
earrings - Lucia K. jewelry.  avail. upon request
shoes - Dolce Vita, old.
lips - NARS Poplife, Nordstrom

here are some of my favorite vests, perhaps if you don't want my Ewok chic.  From simple to striped, which is your fave?

happy furday.


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  1. Faux fur is amazing. I learned the hard way and washed my favorite faux fur vest. So now I'm on a hunt for a high collared brown or white and tan faux fur vest. I love the link to your retired post. Seems like you are just going for it and getting more creative and exciting. You rock Mrs Kirsty P!

  2. thank you friend! can't wait to see what you find. xo

  3. thank you friend! can't wait to see what you find. xo